Please pray for Lahaina and Maui…

Pastor Richard and Betsy Murray of Kaanapali Beach Ministry
Pastor Richard and Betsy 

As many of you have heard, most of Lahaina has burned to the ground from the devastating fires of August 8, 2023. Unfortunately, our very own Pastor Richard and Betsy lost their home in the fire. They are homeless along with 2,000 other Lahaina residence. We are using a temporary address for now to receive donations / tithes.

If you are lead to give, please mail your donations / tithes to (temporary mailing address):
Sherman Murray, Attention Pastor Richard Murray
621 Molokai Akau St. Kahului, Maui, 96732.

Most importantly, please pray for all who have lost everything including family and friends, for protection & provision for each family, for Lahaina and for Maui. We pray for the many who are still missing and for those who have passed away. We are thankful for all of your support and prayers! Maui really needs them.

If you would like to bless Pastor Richard and Betsy personally as they have lost everything but the shirt on their backs (thankfully they are safe, along with their 2 dogs), you can Venmo him directly at @Richard-murray-180 (verification: 9085).  Let’s bless Pastor Richard, so he can go out and bless others.

If you would like to send gift cards that Pastor Richard can distribute to others who have lost everything in Lahaina, you can mail it to the temporary mailing address above. Stores in Maui include: Costco, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Target, CVS (Longs).

Pastor Richard is overwhelmed with all the calls, texts he is receiving from all over the world, and says he is so blessed by all the love and response of everyone wanting / willing to help.  God bless you!  God is showing up in big ways, with so many testimonies to be shared. As Pastor Richard says, “God is good!” Thank you for your continued prayers, love and support.

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