Church Service

LIVE Services + Livestream

Praise God we have resumed doing LIVE services at Hula Grill. You can join us LIVE or start a watch party on either Facebook or YouTube.

With the devastating fires that ravaged Lahaina, Maui, on August 8, 2023, we thank you for your continued prayers. If you would like to donate / support those affected by the fires in Lahaina, please go to our DONATE page.

You can find our weekly sermon notes on our Facebook Page. If you aren’t already following us on Facebook, please click here to follow us on our Facebook Page and subscribe to our YouTube page.

All donations and tithes for Kaanapali Beach Ministry can be mailed to:
PO Box 12710
Lahaina, Hawaii 96761


Order of Worship


  • Welcome to All
  • Worship in Singing
  • Message
  • Prayer of Dismissal
  • Doxology

This special service is designated for the worship of our Lord Jesus, the Son of the Living God.